Blacksmiths of Heaven

In the halls of heaven where God’s blacksmiths work there guild,Beating and pounding and tempering the armor and the spears and the swords and the shields,that the holy angels of God wear and wield.There was made there a chain so massive and great,reserved in the vaults of heaven for none other than Satan’s fate!Created from unearthly metal found millions of light years away,A greater chain anywhere has never ever been made.A chain made just for you devil,and I hope that it fits you well-because you’ll wear it day for day-1 thousand years in a bottomless cell!A thousand years in a bottomless pit,Wraped up in a chain like a straight jack’et.A thousand yr’s of cold black darkness in a mighty chain,No evil spells will break it -no matter how hard you strain.Thats your prison sentence satan-for the things you do across God’s great land,Reeking your havoc and hurting the crown jewels of Christ with your unholy band.The ones you beat torch murder and rape,think about that chain satan and your soon coming fate.1000 years in a bottomless pit with no companions-no technology-no light-no sound,no ending to your sentence and no one around.A thousand years day for day,Your chain is ready and waiting and for your sins against humanity-Get ready to pay! (REV.20:1)-And I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in His hand.

Published by kandlelyte

Resently fell head over heals in love with the Lord,Jesus Christ-who scraped me out of the bottom of a trash can and in the midst of darkness gave me a reason to shine!❤

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