A spark in the dark

i have only been clean and sober for a lil over 90 days,and am in a sober home now.i have been in and out of prison my whole life,and I deff. Do have issues-im not a member of any church,have no friends,and in a big city that’s new to me-im in a bad situation that I can’t go into,and I am completly surrounded by evil,and darkness-and as a believer,I don’t like the dark! But it’s in the midst of darkness that the light of Christ shines britest!! The stars in the heavens don’t just come out at night-there always there,you just can’t see them in the daytime because of the light of the Son.i see myself as 1 of those trick birthday candles that cant be blown out-and although a tiny lil candle doesn’t put out much lite surrounded by other lights,place one in the midst of total darkness and it will shine as bright as the stars-so I have to believe Jesus has me right where He needs me most-Matthew 11:30-for my yoke is easy and my burden is LIGHT!!!!!!

Published by kandlelyte

Resently fell head over heals in love with the Lord,Jesus Christ-who scraped me out of the bottom of a trash can and in the midst of darkness gave me a reason to shine!❤

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