Once, while in the fields doing slave labor in prison,I was praying for the men around me,and became frustrated.”I don’t know what to pray for these men, Lord!”and I suddenly had a vision of the Holy Spirit sitting bordly in an old wooden chair listening to my prayers,and upon my confession of lack,the Holy Spirit got excited,and jumped up, and said,”I know what to pray”-the Holy Spirit began to pray the name of Jesus over everyone around me! ive never forgotten that moment,and now here i am years later,and I work in a car wash,drying cars,i must pray the name of Jesus 1000,s of times a day over the people who go thru Mister Carwash.Am i so egotistical as to think that i speak the name of Jesus over more people then anyone else in the world? Ha!!!😁possibly-lol-but if nothing else, i bet i have His attention! 1st corinthians 7:20 -let every man abide wherin he was called.

Published by kandlelyte

Resently fell head over heals in love with the Lord,Jesus Christ-who scraped me out of the bottom of a trash can and in the midst of darkness gave me a reason to shine!❤

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