There was a man who works at the carwash with me but was homeless.i got him housed in the sober home where i live and he’s not doing the right thing.If i knew he was going to mess up before hand would i have took him off the streets?It reminds me of a story-i can’t rem.if it was me,or if some1 told me.But sun.morning collections were stolen on mon.nite.And i rem.thinking’ if they knew-would they still have gave’? Probably not,but the fact remains, if they gave with the right attitude,no matter what happen 2 the money,they would receive there reward,and so will i.Jesus knew how many mistakes i would make,(after i got saved)! And He saved me anyway! i sometimes remind Him-“Hey you knew how i would be,so you get what you got”!!

Published by kandlelyte

Resently fell head over heals in love with the Lord,Jesus Christ-who scraped me out of the bottom of a trash can and in the midst of darkness gave me a reason to shine!❤

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