Jn.14/6-Jesus said-I am the way the truth and the life.No man cometh unto the Father but by me.Good vs.but what does it mean? Jesus said I am the way-well what is the way Jesus went? He went the way of the cross! Living a life of self denial,He turned His back on the world and set His focus on Gods Will,marching towards certain death.Jesus said I am the truth. what truth? The truth of the cross! Jesus paid for our sins by dieing on the cross in our place. Jesus said I am the life-what life? The life of the cross! If you turn your back on the world,and place your faith on the finished work Jesus did for us you will receive eternal life. The way of the cross-The truth of the cross-And the life of the cross!

Published by kandlelyte

Resently fell head over heals in love with the Lord,Jesus Christ-who scraped me out of the bottom of a trash can and in the midst of darkness gave me a reason to shine!❤

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