Atheists,Odonists,n satanists!

Athiests,i used to be furious at God,and He got excited!He said you have to believe in Me to be mad at Me.Thats the mustard seed of faith I was looking for in you!!! Odonists-Did you know that the bible says Gods word is a hammer? Jeremiah 23:29! Luciferians-did you know that you have more belief in Christ than a lot of so called believers? For the simple fact that he’s your rival,and your master flees from Him?

Faith That explodes

What is Christianity? An earthly concept of spirituality? Something we put on down here,and will take off when we go up there? That’s a stereotype! Did you know that God the father is Himself a Christian? Does that mean that God is a follower of Christ? No it means that Christ is a follower of God-John 14:10-Beleivest thou not that I am in the Father and the Father in me? Jesus come to show us who the Father is!!!