If I dared to get a tattoo, i wonder what it would be-Something seductive and private that only a privileged few could see? Or maybe a portrait? Or a reminder of an event in my life? A page out of history of victory or strife? Maybe a symbol of good or bad-Ancient designs or the latest fad.If I dared to let them put there ink in me, well then for a start-Maybe they would write a poem on my heart!!!


Jn.14/6-Jesus said-I am the way the truth and the life.No man cometh unto the Father but by me.Good vs.but what does it mean? Jesus said I am the way-well what is the way Jesus went? He went the way of the cross! Living a life of self denial,He turned His back on the world and set His focus on Gods Will,marching towards certain death.Jesus said I am the truth. what truth? The truth of the cross! Jesus paid for our sins by dieing on the cross in our place. Jesus said I am the life-what life? The life of the cross! If you turn your back on the world,and place your faith on the finished work Jesus did for us you will receive eternal life. The way of the cross-The truth of the cross-And the life of the cross!

Goodness vs.Wrath…

Have you ever prayed-“Do whatever it takes to bring them to repentance Lord!”Roman’s 2:4(c) says the goodness of God leads people to repentance.where is that goodness going to come from?The mother love of the Father God,useing us as a canvas, to allow the Holy Spirit to paint a picture of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ,thru our actions,to win others to Him.How? Well I prayed-and I could tell you what the Holy Spirit showed me.But instead,I will let Him speak to you.


There was a man who works at the carwash with me but was homeless.i got him housed in the sober home where i live and he’s not doing the right thing.If i knew he was going to mess up before hand would i have took him off the streets?It reminds me of a story-i can’t rem.if it was me,or if some1 told me.But sun.morning collections were stolen on mon.nite.And i rem.thinking’ if they knew-would they still have gave’? Probably not,but the fact remains, if they gave with the right attitude,no matter what happen 2 the money,they would receive there reward,and so will i.Jesus knew how many mistakes i would make,(after i got saved)! And He saved me anyway! i sometimes remind Him-“Hey you knew how i would be,so you get what you got”!!