Once, while in the fields doing slave labor in prison,I was praying for the men around me,and became frustrated.”I don’t know what to pray for these men, Lord!”and I suddenly had a vision of the Holy Spirit sitting bordly in an old wooden chair listening to my prayers,and upon my confession of lack,the Holy Spirit got excited,and jumped up, and said,”I know what to pray”-the Holy Spirit began to pray the name of Jesus over everyone around me! ive never forgotten that moment,and now here i am years later,and I work in a car wash,drying cars,i must pray the name of Jesus 1000,s of times a day over the people who go thru Mister Carwash.Am i so egotistical as to think that i speak the name of Jesus over more people then anyone else in the world? Ha!!!😁possibly-lol-but if nothing else, i bet i have His attention! 1st corinthians 7:20 -let every man abide wherin he was called.

A spark in the dark

i have only been clean and sober for a lil over 90 days,and am in a sober home now.i have been in and out of prison my whole life,and I deff. Do have issues-im not a member of any church,have no friends,and in a big city that’s new to me-im in a bad situation that I can’t go into,and I am completly surrounded by evil,and darkness-and as a believer,I don’t like the dark! But it’s in the midst of darkness that the light of Christ shines britest!! The stars in the heavens don’t just come out at night-there always there,you just can’t see them in the daytime because of the light of the Son.i see myself as 1 of those trick birthday candles that cant be blown out-and although a tiny lil candle doesn’t put out much lite surrounded by other lights,place one in the midst of total darkness and it will shine as bright as the stars-so I have to believe Jesus has me right where He needs me most-Matthew 11:30-for my yoke is easy and my burden is LIGHT!!!!!!

Blacksmiths of Heaven

In the halls of heaven where God’s blacksmiths work there guild,Beating and pounding and tempering the armor and the spears and the swords and the shields,that the holy angels of God wear and wield.There was made there a chain so massive and great,reserved in the vaults of heaven for none other than Satan’s fate!Created from unearthly metal found millions of light years away,A greater chain anywhere has never ever been made.A chain made just for you devil,and I hope that it fits you well-because you’ll wear it day for day-1 thousand years in a bottomless cell!A thousand years in a bottomless pit,Wraped up in a chain like a straight jack’et.A thousand yr’s of cold black darkness in a mighty chain,No evil spells will break it -no matter how hard you strain.Thats your prison sentence satan-for the things you do across God’s great land,Reeking your havoc and hurting the crown jewels of Christ with your unholy band.The ones you beat torch murder and rape,think about that chain satan and your soon coming fate.1000 years in a bottomless pit with no companions-no technology-no light-no sound,no ending to your sentence and no one around.A thousand years day for day,Your chain is ready and waiting and for your sins against humanity-Get ready to pay! (REV.20:1)-And I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in His hand.